The Best Serviced Apartments for Business Travellers in Lagos

Are you a business traveller seeking comfortable and convenient accommodations in Lagos? Look no further.

We’ll unveil the top serviced apartments that cater specifically to the needs of business professionals like you.

Whether you’re in Lagos for a short stay or an extended business trip, these serviced apartments provide the perfect blend of comfort, amenities, and accessibility.

Let’s dive in and discover your ideal home away from home.

The Best Serviced Apartments for Business Travellers in Lagos

Benefits of Serviced Apartments for Business Travellers

When it comes to business travel, comfort and efficiency are paramount. Serviced apartments offer a range of benefits that traditional hotels simply can’t match:

  • Space and Privacy: Serviced apartments provide ample space for you to spread out and relax. Enjoy separate living, sleeping, and working areas, allowing you to maintain a sense of privacy even while away from home.
  • Homely Amenities: Blink & Smile Home’s serviced apartments offer amenities akin to your own home. With a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal, you can prepare your own meals and save on dining expenses.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Considering the convenience and amenities provided, serviced apartments often offer better value for extended stays compared to traditional hotels.
  • Work-Friendly Environment: Each apartment is equipped with a dedicated workstation, high-speed internet, and ample power outlets, ensuring you can stay productive throughout your stay.
The Best Serviced Apartments for Business Travellers in Lagos

Factors to Consider When Choosing Serviced Apartments

Selecting the right serviced apartment involves careful consideration of several factors:

  1. Location: Opt for an apartment situated in a business hub, such as Ogba, Ikeja, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, or Lekki, to minimize commuting time and enhance your overall experience.
  2. Proximity to Business Hubs: Choose an apartment that’s conveniently located near your workplace or key business centres. This ensures you spend less time in transit and more time focusing on your business objectives.
  3. Transportation Access: Look for apartments with easy access to transportation options, whether it’s a well-connected road network or proximity to public transport.
  4. Safety and Security: Prioritize apartments located in safe neighbourhoods or those equipped with 24/7 security measures for your peace of mind.
  5. Nearby Facilities: Access to restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, and entertainment venues can enhance your overall experience during downtime.
The Best Serviced Apartments for Business Travellers in Lagos

Top Areas for Business Travelers in Lagos

Lagos boasts several key business districts that offer proximity to corporate offices and essential amenities:

  • Victoria Island: Known as Lagos’s financial hub, Victoria Island hosts numerous corporate headquarters, making it an ideal choice for business travellers.
  • Ikoyi: With its upscale ambience, Ikoyi offers a mix of commercial and residential spaces. Its proximity to the central business district makes it a preferred location.
  • Lekki: Lekki is known for its modern infrastructure and vibrant atmosphere. It’s an excellent option for business travellers seeking convenience and accessibility.
  • Ogba: Ogba is another thriving business district in Lagos. With its strategic location and growing business community, Ogba provides a compelling option for business travellers seeking convenience and accessibility.
The Best Serviced Apartments for Business Travellers in Lagos

The Top Serviced Apartments for Business Travellers

At Blink & Smile Home, we understand the unique needs of business travellers. Our serviced apartments are strategically located in Lagos’s prime business districts, ensuring you’re always close to the action. Choose from a variety of apartment sizes, all equipped with modern amenities for a seamless stay.

Central LocationsClose to major business hubs
WorkstationsDedicated work areas
High-Speed InternetStay connected effortlessly
Fully Equipped KitchenPrepare meals at your leisure
Fitness CentersMaintain your wellness routine
Meeting RoomsConduct business professionally
24/7 SecurityPeace of mind throughout

And more…

The Best Serviced Apartments for Business Travellers in Lagos

Amenities Designed for Business Travellers

When you choose a serviced apartment from Blink & Smile Home, you’re selecting accommodations tailored to the needs of business professionals. Our apartments are equipped with:

  • High-Speed Wi-Fi: Stay connected with fast and reliable internet connectivity.
  • In-Room Workstations: Dedicated work areas within your apartment.
  • Meeting Rooms: Spaces for presentations and discussions.
  • Business Services: Printing, scanning, and other business-related amenities within the apartment or around it.

Comparative Pricing: Serviced Apartments vs. Hotels

Here is a sample breakdown of the cost-effectiveness of choosing a serviced apartment over a traditional hotel for your business trip.

(Include a table or chart showcasing cost comparisons for different stay durations).

Stay DurationServiced Apartment CostHotel CostSavings with Serviced Apartment
1 week$400$650$250
2 weeks$700$1100$400
1 month$1300$2000$700

Note: The above costs are approximate and subject to change based on availability and specific apartment features. Savings are calculated based on a typical rate comparison.

The Best Serviced Apartments for Business Travellers in Lagos

Booking Your Ideal Serviced Apartment

Booking your serviced apartment with Blink & Smile Home is a breeze. You can explore our serviced apartment on our website. Alternatively, you can reach out to our dedicated customer service team for personalized assistance in finding the perfect accommodation for your business trip.

Testimonials from Satisfied Business Travellers

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what fellow business travellers have to say about their experiences staying in Blink & Smile Home’s serviced apartments:

  • I wholeheartedly endorse Blink & Smile Home. Staying here was a pleasure, and I can’t wait to return. The attention to detail, from the comfortable rooms to the dedicated workspace, is commendable. The host’s commitment to a seamless check-in process and a delightful stay is truly remarkable” – Joy
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The Ideal Serviced Apartment for Business Travellers in Lagos

As a business traveller, your comfort and productivity are our top priorities. Blink & Smile Home’s serviced apartments offer a perfect blend of convenience, amenities, and accessibility, ensuring that your business trip to Lagos is a successful and enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the serviced apartments pet-friendly?
While Blink & Smile Home’s primary focus is on providing a comfortable stay for business travellers, some apartments may offer pet-friendly options. It’s recommended to inquire about pet policies before booking.

Can I host business meetings within the apartment?
Yes, our serviced apartments come with dedicated spaces that are perfect for hosting small business meetings or discussions.

Is there a daily housekeeping service?
Yes, daily housekeeping service is available to ensure your apartment remains clean and comfortable throughout your stay.

Can I book an apartment for a short-term stay?
Absolutely. Blink & Smile Home offers flexible booking options, whether you’re in Lagos for a short business trip or an extended stay.

Do the apartments have laundry facilities?
Yes, each apartment is equipped with laundry facilities, so you can take care of your clothing and enjoy a hassle-free stay.